We Made Ugly Pie!

Boys Reading Ugly Pie and Making One Too!

Every so often, there’s a book the boys will want to check out over and over. For us, that book was Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Heather Solomon.  It’s a cute story about a bear trying to find ingredients for his ugly pie.  I won’t spoil the details but that’s enough to give an idea about it!  Our boys love this story.  There’s also a recipe for making your own ugly pie in the back of the book.  So, after a trip to the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients, we made this pie on a rainy Friday night.  It was a perfect activity for an evening inside.

Check this book out for the complete details on how to make it.  I will say the ingredients include granny smith apples, molasses, lemon juice, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, white sugar, brown sugar, red raisins (we used dried cranberries), and walnuts + ingredients to make a pie crust (although we made it easier and picked up a pie crust box that just required adding water). With all of these, this is a good pie to make in the fall season. Now in the month of September, we’ll be making it again soon!










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