Valentine’s Day Treats – ‘Mint’ to be Together!

vday 2015

Today was a snow day for our boys.  With 7+ inches of snow on the ground outside, we did venture to go sledding and investigating how tall the snow drifts were – which happened to be quite tall!  When we were in the house, we had fun getting ready for Valentine’s Day!  Before today, I had seen cute Valentine’s Day sayings on pinterest and tweaked one to work for what we wanted to do. The saying we liked was “We were MINT to be friends. Happy Valentine’s Day”. I thought it would be super cute with peppermints in each of the treat/pillow boxes.  So this is what we came up with:


Circle hole puncher (I have the Recollections brand)

Color paper for the labels (we chose light brown) –  * a .pdf file is included in this blog!

Party favor vellum pillow boxes (found in a discount/craft store’s wedding section)

Craft tape (or washi tape would work)

Exacto knife (what I used to cut the craft tape to a smaller width)

Scotch tape  - for securing labels on the treat boxes

Individually wrapped peppermints


I found these brown vellum pillow boxes on clearance – and enough for all classmates in our boys’ classes with a quantity of 50.  SCORE! Note: Even though I found this deal, I do know craft stores carry  small paper envelopes about this same size in a variety of colors for close the same price.



Circle hole puncher and crafting tape.  * I did have to cut the crafting tape down to a smaller size (using an exacto knife).  Washi tape might be a faster way to go due to already being a smaller width.

Valentine’s Day treat labels 2015

Feel free to use the above labels! The work is done for you – you’re welcome! :)


Assembly of the treat bags!


More assembly!


Not hard work at all!  This was a fun project!


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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