Valentine’s Day Fun/Winter Outing



Homemade Valentine’s Day Classmate Cards

Our boys are ready for the big day of celebrating love & friendship, therefore they are excited to pass these cards out to their classmates at school!  With always the concern for students with food allergies, I try to find alternative gifts without food.  When I saw this idea in a 2012 February Family Fun magazine, I thought it would be perfect.  The concept is the same, but I put my own design into it.  Here’s the scoop:

* Small plastic toys from The Dollar Tree – we used dinosaurs and sea creatures (8      toys/package).  I later saw packages at The Dollar Store for 9 toys/package

* Black poster board (I cut the pieces 3″ x 8.5″)

* Red paper

* Tan paper

* Decorative scrapbook paper (I cut the pieces 2.5″ x 5.5″) (Purchased discounted paper        for .49 cents each at Michael’s)

* Heart hole puncher

* Circle hole puncher (2″ in diameter)

* Regular small hole puncher

* String

* Glue stick

We Didn’t Forget Teacher Gifts…

I stuck with our theme and purchased larger plastic dinosaurs at The Dollar Store.  I then bought mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works and put them together.  The note reads, “ROAR! I’m Wild About Your Class!”  With our active boys, I had to laugh later that maybe the note should read, “ROAR!  I’m Wild IN Your Class!”


Winter Weekends at the State Capitol 

About two years ago, my husband and I started taking our boys every so often to the Nebraska State Capitol building on the weekends during the winter months.  Why?  Besides being very educational, it is a great place for the boys to run the outer, wide hallways.  Other than us, there are very few people there.  It also promotes adult conversation while walking behind the boys!  Oh, it’s also free!  Success!!!

Beautiful architecture…..

The views from the 14th floor are amazing!

Having fun with the pay phone booths!  There’s not too many booths around nowadays, so I’m glad we could show the boys what they look like and how they work!




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