Thanksgiving Monsters? In Our House? YES!

Thanksgiving monsters - Copy


Don’t get me wrong, we have fall decorations around our home which include orange and white pumpkins, autumn leaf garland, etc., but our boys really like our Thanksgiving Monsters too!  Here’s how they were made:



Wood pieces

Acrylic paint: fall colors + white

Black sharpie

Paint brushes – a few different sizes


Possible circle stencil


Our Thanksgiving Monsters were first made by painting the wood pieces (in our case, the pieces were scraps left over from home projects) in fall colors – we chose orange, gray, and a light tan. The next step after the paint dried was penciling googlie eyes (if unsure about making a great looking circle, you could use a circle stencil), mouth, and teeth, and then we painted those areas with white paint.  Then, let the paint dry for awhile – it’s acrylic paint, so it dries really fast. The last step was to outline and fill in with a black sharpie.

These Monsters make interesting centerpieces –  fun to display on our table for Thanksgiving dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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