Thankful Souvenir Display


 I’m so thankful for the wonderful times we spend together as a family!  I recently was thinking of our family vacation this past August and thought of a way to preserve our memories…

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Each time we go somewhere, the boys always want to bring something back.  Whether it’s from a family vacation or the local McDonald’s happy meal, trinkets and momentos seem to follow us home!

So, what do you do with those small, special ” just-gotta-have” items?

This past summer, we went on a vacation to Cripple Creek, Colorado.  While we were there, we ventured around Shelf Road one day and stopped for the boys swim in a small creek and collect rocks.  The day was gorgeous!  It was a relaxing time full of fun and adventure (and my husband and I loved that it was a ‘no cost of admission’ kind of activity!). The boys were enjoying each other – which was such a relief from the trivial bickering while riding in the car.

Around the creek area, we looked for rocks to take back home. I loved seeing all the different earth tone colors.  Such fun!  We found a great collection to bring back with us….but what would we do with them?  Up until recently, the rocks have been in a box (sound familiar?) until we found a great way to display them……



Months ago, I found two very dated wooden ‘Welcome’ block displays at a garage sale.  I had an idea to work with the display area and nix the blocks – thinking this would be perfect to feature our Colorado rocks.

Too often, things get put behind glass, but I liked the thought of having our wooden displays open. This way, the boys would able to touch and feel the texture of the rocks and examine them closely.

Recently, I had the boys paint each wooden display white. After they gave it a first coat and let it dry, I later went over it again to make sure all areas were covered.  *I like how this color made our rocks stand out more!

This was a super easy and fun project for them to do…and I like that we conquered a ‘clutter box’…now onto the many more in our storage room….


rocks 3

rocks 4

Some letters were missing.  No big deal!  We weren’t using the blocks anyway!

rocks 10

rocks 7

rocks 11

rocks 13


Finished products….


Happy Thanksgiving!



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