Superhero Birthday Party


Super Duper Superhero Birthday Party!

It’s a bird?  It’s a plane?  It’s Peyton and his superhero birthday party!  I had the privilege of creating a birthday party for a very special five-year-old boy.  He LOVES superheroes (especially Captain America), so naturally that was the theme for the event.  It was lots of fun for all attending the party.  Here’s the scoop:

The Setting

The client was able to have the party at their church facility.  There was a lot of room for kids to have fun in the GIGANTIC gym, and I set up the birthday festivities in the cafe area of the church.  It was easy and no mess at home!  Success!!!


The invitation was designed to emphasize city skyline buildings.  There were bright super hero colors in selected places, but I mostly stuck with the colors black, grey, and white. A  yellow ‘bursted star’ was added to give a comic book feel.  The birthday boy’s mom emailed me an awesome photo of him in his Captain America costume which helped to personalize the invitation.  After all was completed and printed, I ‘framed’ it with grey scrapbook paper for a great border effect.

Antique puzzle

I cannot begin to say how much I LOVED the antique Flash Gordon puzzle (circa. 1950′s) I found for the party.  Months before, I went to Vintage Village Antique Mall  in Lincoln, Nebraska and found this item.  It had fantastic vintage colors and composition. There was one catch with this puzzle though – it was missing one piece.  After I examined it for awhile, I knew I could still work with it.  With the piece missing, it brought the cost down significantly for my client. Kudos to the sales clerk at the antique store who was very nice to make sure I was aware of the absent puzzle piece!

Ultimately, I covered the missing area with thick, white paper which was in the shape of a comic book ‘bubble’, and it read, “Happy 5th Birthday Peyton”. What a fantastic personalized message from THE Flash Gordon himself along side his companion. It was a super cute birthday table feature.

*Finding unique items to display at parties is so much fun!  It creates interest and shows more thought put into the event.

Heroes Need Plenty of…WATER!

All heroes deserve special water bottles to help replenish their awesome strength!  I created labels to follow with the invitation design.  After all labels were in place on the bottles, I made special little capes out of plastic tablecloths to attach on the smaller bottles. Kids of all ages enjoyed the bottles and were a highlight of the birthday table.

*Providing water drinks at parties is great –  it helps to offset the special occasion sugary drinks…and if the packaging is interesting, kids will be curious to try!

City Skyline Building Backdrop

I wanted the backdrop to be simplistic in design in order not to take away from all the wonderful pieces on the table.  With this in mind, I used a big, white sheet of foam core (also called foam board) for the background and a few sheets of black foam core for the buildings. I cut the ‘buildings’ in a few different sizes.  Next, I used a square cutter (hole puncher)  for making the windows which were made from gray scrapbook paper (extra sheets from making the invitations). After gluing the squares onto a few of the buildings, I glued all the black pieces on the white board.  It looked like a superhero would be flying or jumping over the buildings at any moment!

Super Signage

Fun signs helped to make things more delightful.  For the fruit bowl, I made a sign that read ‘Batman Bananas’, ‘Avenger Apples’, ‘Green Lantern Grapes’ – appealing for kids and adults.  It was also great to add those characters in the party mix.  Other signs for the pizza, parfaits, water bottles, and gifts also coincided with the theme.

Powerful Personal Photo & Popular Parfaits for Peyton! (wow, that’s a lot of p’s)

You can never go wrong with adding a photo of the special birthday kiddo.  I always think it adds a meaningful touch to the party.  I had the same photo I used for the invitation enlarged and framed for displaying on the birthday table.

I then added signage above the frame.  This was made from skewers taped to the back of the frame with ‘POP’, ‘WHAM’, ‘BOOM’ at the top of each.  It helped to add more flare to the frame and that particular area of the table.

As for the parfaits, I made those using crushed graham crackers, vanilla yogurt, and cherry filling.  With the clear cups, I loved seeing the layers of color.  This is super duper easy to make – if I can make this, anyone can!

What’s a Superhero Party Without Capes and Masks?

I found a great way to make homemade capes compliments of a pinterest search.  I purchased many discounted t-shirts in a variety of colors that coordinated with the party theme and cut them in the shape of a cape (ditching the arm holes and shirt front and keeping the back and neck hole).  I like to ‘tweek’ things into my own creation, so I then traced my own lightening bolt design on thick (card stock) paper. This served as a stencil for when I traced around it onto felt fabric.  I then cut out the felt lightening bolt and used fabric glue to attach on the cape.  No sewing required which was terrific!

As for the masks, I found a great deal online for my client.  They came in many different colors, and it was fun to see which color each kiddo chose.

Additional Super Info to Know….

The client had a local bakery make the cake (I was too freaked out to do it….too worried I would screw it up).  I loved how the birthday boy gave up some great toys and a poster to display on the birthday table – letting him have a little ownership in the party.

*Special thanks to my client for letting me get nutty creative with this party!  I loved making the decorations – but most of all I loved seeing the birthday boy and his family and friends enjoy the festivities.  Thanks a bunch!    ~Angie



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