Reading Rewards/ One Day Vacation

Let’s Read and Get Rewarded!

The boys finished their library summer reading program in late July.  This meant they made four visits to the library, completed ten activities (given by the library), and they were read to for ten hours. What rewards too - the boys received free coupons to many fun places such as TCBY, Lincoln Children’s Museum, the zoo, Runza, Applebees, Lincoln Saltdogs baseball game, and a few other places. We’ll definitely be apart of this next year.

While at the library, they had fun coloring…..

Need a Quick Vacation?

One day vacations are the best.  We took the boys to Nebraska’s Mahoney State Park a few weeks ago and had a blast.  With only a park permit needed, it’s still a low cost trip. Here’s what we did…

We climbed the incredibly high tower with spectacular views. Our youngest had no fear….our oldest wasn’t quite sure about the tower’s height!

We took a break to have lunch as we packed a cooler for the trip - with plenty of water!  It was a warm day but hiking in the trees provided much needed shade.

Explored the woods while keeping cool!

Our oldest son enjoying the hike!

Dad talked to the boys about rocks.

Our youngest son wanted to get extremely close to a home of a creature…and also found sticks that quickly became his “tools”.

We liked looking at this weird, funky tree.

Overall, we give our simple, one day trip two thumbs up!


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