Mother’s Day Tribute in Chevron Style!

Mother’s Day Chevron Coloring Page for Kids


042 - Copy

To chevron or not to chevron.  That is the question!  If Shakespeare were alive today, would he also feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon for this widely popular pattern? So many are flocking to get more chevron in their lives including myself.  When I go onto pinterest, it’s inevitable that I’m going to find it in many photos – and I get an excitement when I do!  Zig zagging in many different color combinations…it’s so fun!  So much energy!  So, when I was thinking of creating a great kids activity honoring Mother’s Day, coloring pages with this pattern came to mind. I know I LOVED  seeing our boys have fun adding color to these pages – and I was super excited to display their work!  


Here’s a link to download the coloring page:

Mothers Day chevron coloring page

Mother's day coloring page - final


Mother’s Day Terrarium…With a Bit of Chevron Too!



Terrariums have my curiosity. To have a personal little garden in a cute container indoors is amazing to me.   I like the naturalness about terrariums. A very calm affect is what I was striving for, and knowing how our boys sometimes squabble at mealtimes, displaying the terrarium on our dining room table (which also gets a good amount of natural light) would be a nice spot.  Any form of serenity is welcome!

Before this past week, I had never made a terrarium, but it’s been something I have wanted to try as an activity with our boys.  Since Mother’s Day was around the corner, I told my husband I really wanted to do this. He said okay, but I knew what he was thinking…taking care of plants is an area I’m not good at.  He is right, so I knew I needed expert plant advice for making sure I can accomplish something I’ve not been able to do before!

We already had a glass container in mind for this project and brought it with us to the plant store.  This helped to determine how much materials were needed for our specific container.  A very helpful employee walked us through the process, and she gathered and packaged the necessary items for us.  We were able to look at all the little plants (also called itty bitties) and had fun selecting the ones we wanted.  The boys also found accessories for our terrarium – miniature ‘pixie dust’ bottles (very tiny glass jars that hold glitter) and a small plastic dinosaur figurine. Pixie dust and T-Rex…don’t they go together well for a mom with two little boys?

After our terrarium was created and watered at home, I thought it would be a fun feature to have a chevron sign saying “MOM’S GARDEN”.  Here’s the link to accent your own terrarium:

Mothers Day terrarium sign

*I used a glue stick to adhere the sign to gray scrapbook paper which served to frame our sign nicely. Then I secured it to a skewer (I cut it off a little more than half way) with the help of scotch tape. One could also go a step further and laminate the sign to better protect it from moisture.


Glass container (preferably with a lid)

Smaller plants

Pea gravel


Peat moss

Potting soil

Accessories – miniature bottles of ‘pixie dust’, chevron sign (printable via this blog!), & small dinosaur figurine


011 (2)

So many choices!

001 (2)

The store we went to had great step by step directions…

007  008

006  009

010 (2)

Bringing our container into the plant store helped immensely!


028 (2)

031 (2)

Our oldest son wasn’t quite sure about the peat moss!  It has a funny texture!

032 (2)

033 (2)

The plants are in and watered!



Pixie Dust bottles! The boys thought I would like to have these!


T-Rex also is gracing his presence…


Our chevron “MOM’S GARDEN” sign…..



Mother's Day photos

The chevron sign is a nice accent in the terrarium!

Mother's Day photos2


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