Hooray! It’s Earth Day!

‘Recycled’ Town Lunch Bags

Back in January, the boys and I had a good time making a paper bag town.  The pieces came from a Highlights kids magazine – all we needed to do was cut the pieces out, glue onto paper bags, stuff with newspaper, and then we had a town!  It passed some time on a cold, winter day.  I then saved the bags thinking we could use them for a future picnic…….


Both boys really concentrating on gluing the pieces……



The boys are pleased with their finished town!


Fast forward to early April.  We were able to have a picnic in the park a few weeks ago, and I got out the paper town again!  This time, we packed the bags with juice boxes, sandwiches, fruits, napkins, etc.  We do not normally need 5 lunch bags for the three of us (since my husband was at work), but I sectioned out food/items for each bag.



Then we got to work off our lunch at the playground and park attractions!

010  018

003  002


Earth Day Fun at School! 

Our oldest son’s school is letting the kids wear a ‘recycled’ hat to school today!  We found an old hat of my husband’s and glued pieces of comic newspaper and tan copy paper.  It’s raining today….I hope the hat survives!



On the subject of recycling….last year when our oldest son broke his arm, the nurses needed the shirt he was wearing cut for better access.  Although I didn’t care at all if the shirt was cut, I still thought I could save the fun monster on the front.  I cut the fabric monster out last October and sewed it onto a new shirt.  He’s wearing it today!  Kudos to recycling!!!




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