Homemade Halloween!

I love Halloween!  I especially love making homemade Halloween stuff for the boys.  For this year, our oldest son is Harry Potter and our youngest son is a ‘skeleton key’! So, here’s what I came up with:



Harry Potter Tie


Tie – (we found one with burgundy and gray stripes)

Yellow acrylic paint

Painter’s tape

Paint brush


I purchased a $1.50 tie from a second hand store.  Having bought a striped tie helped immensely – I didn’t have to guess or measure the distance between my painted areas.  *Once the first coat of paint was applied, I let it dry completely and then added a second coat for better coverage.




Harry Potter Wand


Wooden dowel rod – 3/8″ in diameter –  (found at any craft store/department)

Hot glue gun

Black acrylic paint

Silver metallic acrylic paint

Paint brush

Utility knife


The first step was to cut the wooden dowel rod to about 14″ in length.  I had previously read it was bad luck to have a wand be 13″ so I wanted to steer away from that number!

Next, it was time to glue!  This is what really helps to transform the rod into a wand.  I glued certain spots on the rod for the handle area and then twisted the glue around – upwards toward the other end.  I held the rod for awhile as the glue started to dry.  *Try not to touch the hot glue….I had forgotten how hot it can get!  For faster drying, I placed the rod in the refrigerator for about 5 mins!


Then, I used the knife to shave and taper the rod – I wanted to take off some of the glue in the process to make it blend into the tapering.

The last step was to paint!  I first started with a black coating and then mixed in silver metallic paint in certain spots for a nice accent.





Hand Painted Treat Bags


Canvas bags – (purchased at any craft store)

Acrylic paint – (we chose white, gray, & yellow for Harry Potter’s owl and black for the lock bag)

Painter’s pen – (for outlining owl)

Silver spray paint – (for the lock bag)


Circle stencils – (we used paint lids!)

Ruler/straight edge

Paint brush


A skeleton key MUST have a coordinating bag which looks like a gigantic lock, don’t you think?  I first spray painted the bag silver and let it dry. * I didn’t saturate the bag with spray paint – wanting it to dry fairly quickly. Next, I used the lid of the spray paint to make the circle and then a ruler to make the lines below it.  I then painted it black.  Super easy! :)


For the owl bag, I started with white paint and then blended in gray for the outer area.  Once the paint was dry, I penciled in the circles for the eyes – using the lid of the silver spray paint. As for the nose, I didn’t have a template so this was freehand.  I then used the lid of an acrylic paint container and made the inner eye area.  Next, I painted that area yellow.  Once the yellow paint was dry, I used my painter’s pen and outlined the circles –  also making the smaller dots in the center of the yellow.



Finished project complete!  Now Harry Potter’s owl is represented!


Happy Halloween!!!

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