Healthy Holiday Snacks / Gift Ideas / Christmas Book Display



Healthy Snacks in December?  You Bet!

It’s tough to dodge all of those great sweet treats around the holiday season, and in our family, we do indulge here and there. Our effort though still remains to have our boys get plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I recently bought mini whole wheat pitas from Trader Joe’s and filled them with fresh, cut strawberries and green grapes  (I was trying to get Christmas colors in the mix) with a drizzle of honey inside.  The boys liked trying something new, and it was a filling snack!


Nature’s SWEET Christmas Gifts

For the past few years, we’ve been giving away pineapples at Christmas time to family and friends.  Now, initially that may sound a little silly to do, but I have made it into craft time with the boys.  I find pineapple recipes online and print off our favorite ones.  Then, the boys have fun cutting out the information and pasting onto colored paper.  This can be on really pretty paper and as elaborate as one may wish to do.  In our family, we’ve been successful with good  ol’ copy and construction paper! The boys also like to add decorative pieces here and there.  After the recipe and decorative pieces are pasted, we hole punch the paper, run a ribbon through the hole, and secure it to the pineapple (In my opinion, pineapples do not need to be wrapped -the fruit is naturally pretty).

This is an easy, inexpensive gift the boys take pride in creating, and people have appreciated receiving a healthy gift.


COLORFUL Gift for Classmates!

I posted a few months ago about stocking up on school supplies when the back-to-school sales were happening.  So, this is what we’ve now done with those boxes of Crayola crayons that were .28 cents each back in mid summer.

I recently picked up many different colors of free paint swatches at a local discount store in the paint department. I then put the swatches through my circle hole puncher.  Afterwards, I wrote a message on circles like, “Hope you have a COLORFUL Christmas” (I didn’t use the greatest pen  - might have looked better with a better/bolder pen).  Last step was to tape the circle at the top of the crayon box.

I LOVE this kind of gift because there are classmates with food allergies (what a bummer it is to bring food treats knowing not everyone can receive them). Crayons can be for everyone in the class – useful and loved by all!


Christmas Book Display

In our youngest son’s room, we’ve installed a few book shelves (purchased at IKEA) to display only special books.  Since we are in the Christmas season, you’ll find several books on those shelves about Santa, elves, presents, reindeer, etc! It has been fun to showcase certain great Christmas stories, and I like that space having a ‘library’ feel!  Also, it gets the kiddos excited about the season even more.



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