Happy St. Pat’s Day!


Hello on this fabulous holiday called St. Patrick’s Day! We recently helped our 1st grader with his leprechaun trap for a school project.  Here’s what we used:


Oatmeal container

foam board (for the base)

Colorful popsicle sticks

construction paper – black & gold

poster board paper – green

plastic wrap

gold spray paint



Exacto knife (for adults!)


Goop glue


We first spray painted an assortment of rocks from our driveway and let the rocks dry.

While the rocks were drying, we covered an empty oatmeal container with green poster board and taped the ends together.  We then cut with scissors black and gold construction paper in the size we needed to look like it was apart of a leprechaun’s hat and secured with tape.  The next step was to cut an opening in the center of the ‘gold buckle’.  This would make it easy for a leprechaun to see inside!  Next, it was time to take plastic wrap and tape it on the inside of the oatmeal container.

We then worked on the ladder – we glued the sticks into a shape of a ladder (our son specifically wanted them a certain pattern of color…I don’t know where he gets that from?!?) with Goop glue and set it aside to dry.

We then secured the oatmeal container to the foam board.  After the rocks were dried, we placed the rocks in the container.  By that time, the ladder was dried and taped it to the top of the container.

This was a fun school project and I’m so glad to have helped our son with it!


Happy St. Pat’s Day!!!!






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