Happy July 4th! Clip It/Jungle Gym Mania/Creatively Pretending

Let’s Clip It!

I found brand new 12” x 12” clip boards which were initially for scrap booking at a yard sale. I liked the fact the boards are wider than the average ones so we can make bigger artwork pieces. These are perfect for holding down drawings – especially if we are outside and it’s a little windy. As you can see, we recently put our boards to use as we made our Fourth of July artwork. Flag bear observed too.

Jungle Gym for Our Two Monkeys

Our boys are on the active side. They are on the go all the time – wanting to explore, move, and CLIMB. So when my husband came up with the idea to build a jungle gym out of extra scrap wood, the boys were excited – and so was I. We had been talking about making something to exert their energy and also promote playing outside more by themselves. They already have a sand pile and swing set, but we felt they needed an open, fort like club house. So, when the construction phase was occurring, my husband included the boys in the process. They helped bring him tools and wood – boy, did they feel important, and it was special father/son time. Having an understanding of building structures was a great experience for them too.  After the jungle gym/fort was built and positioned where we wanted it to be, we had the boys paint it. They had a great time and it embellished their independence and pride for their new space. My only advice for doing this would be keeping an eagle eye on your ‘painters’ – our little three year old snuck away and started painting other things. We were able to clean and remove the paint, but I almost initially had a heart attack. I love orange paint, but not blotches of it on our front porch! It was a good lesson learned for everyone involved.

A Sandy Cake Party

The neighbor kids came to play recently, and they all had a super time pretending it was my birthday. I love the creativity they had in thinking through how they would make the party.

The cake – containers such as cake pans in our sand pile

Punch bowl – old plastic bowl

Plates – pieces of cardboard

Mixing bowl – as a mixing bowl! (I think this and the cake pans get more use in the sand pile…)


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