Happy Father’s Day!

Fungi Fun!

Father's Day1

I’ve seen this idea on pinterest and had to try it with the boys!  ”Dad, You’re a Fungi!” was a title the boys thought was really funny.  Here’s what we did:



Crayola Model Magic – 2 pkgs in orange and lime green colors

Clear, slender containers  - (we used new plastic travel bottles)

Yogurt covered raisins

Dark chocolate covered dried plums


We had fun molding the model magic in the shape of a mushroom top.  Then, we accented the top (background color) with little, flat circles of the other color. (The model magic says it will harden – ours are still on the soft side after a few days, so it might take awhile?!?  Dad will love it regardless)!  Last step was to fill with our snack mixtures.  Easy, fun, and something Dad can put on his desk at work to display what the boys made for him.  He’ll also have a creative container to store energy snacks.

001 (3)


008 (3)

Our youngest had fun filling extra containers…


…and our oldest was also enjoying the model magic!

Father's Day2

Happy Father’s Day!





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