Happy Easter! Root Vue Farms, Easter Container, Homemade Rabbit Stencil Craft


Good times playing with army men today as one solider is guarding a plastic Easter egg…..



Root Vue Farm 


The boys received a Root Vue Farm kit this past Christmas, and we were waiting for the right time to play with it which happened to be two weeks ago.  Root Vue is an indoor garden laboratory for kids to discover how plants grow.  Now that the Easter holiday is approaching and it’s officially spring season (although it is cold and snowy), it seems fitting to have something to show how things blossom and grow!   We have been excited to watch our carrots and radish seeds sprout (we left the onions for next time).  The plants are still growing, so we will continue to be patient and wait for more to see!





Putting it together!  Not so bad of a process…just following directions….


002 (3)

Starting to mix!








That’s not a brownie mix!  Dad and little brother having fun!


Putting the dirt in…very carefully!



Now big brother’s turn!






Seed time!



Dad’s helping to make holes with the help of a pencil for planting.



Planting seeds….





Our radishes are not doing so good (at the top), but our carrots are doing pretty well so far.


root vue


The photos show progress in a two week time frame – and the boys check it every day.  This has been fun and I can see us doing this again!  Stay tuned…I’ll post photos in a future post of how our veggies turned out!


Average Looking Container with Special History

When you first look at the centerpiece container on our dining room table, it doesn’t look that different from a simple store bought glass jar, but this has been passed down from my parents and is an antique in its own right.  The container is an old milk jug – used by a dairy farm to deliver milk to customers.  I had to explain to the boys that Grammie and Papa had milk delivered to their doorstep instead of going to the grocery store….they were a little surprised and confused, but I’ll keep telling them years from now!  Nowadays, I put different things in the container, and it worked to place plastic Easter eggs this time of year.




Homemade Rabbit Stencil Craft

I had an idea of what I wanted this craft to look like and needed a rabbit stencil, and I thought I could make one on my own!  Here’s what I did for us…




card stock paper

side profile picture of a rabbit (I googled and found one I liked)

wooden craft board (found at any craft store – we used 5″ x 7″ boards)



Painter’s tape

Acrylic paint  (we used spring colors + white for the background)

Paint brushes

Paper Towels  - partially dampened (this activity wasn’t too messy for us, but we needed to clean here and there!)


I found a rabbit side profile photo online.  I printed it and then cut it out.  Next, I placed it on the card stock paper and traced around it, and I then cut the image out of the card stock – whala!  A homemade stencil was formed!.  I set that aside and painted the wood boards white and let those dry.  To speed up time, I taped the rabbit stencil to the wooden board and made it ready for the boys to paint.  They created their rabbits with a mixture of spring colors!

Our youngest son LOVES rabbits.  So when Easter season arrives, he enjoys all festivities with bunnies!


easter bunny craft




The boards are ready for the boys to paint!


Big brother carefully selecting his colors….


while little brother is having fun mixing!








Finished projects!






We placed the rabbit crafts in our niche area….


Happy Easter!!!!!!



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