Halloween Recap…



Here we are at Grammie and Papa’s house in mid October…two Batmen and one Bat Mom!

New Generation of E.T. fans…

In October, the movie, E.T. came out again marking it’s 30th anniversary.  I remember going to the movie theater with my family, watching this show, and loving the alien just as many others did.  I was also the age our oldest son is now when I first saw it.  So when it came out on DVD recently, I HAD TO BUY IT!  Believe it or not, my husband (who is in his late 30′s) had never seen this show.  How is that even possible?  Anyway, the boys LOVED the movie too.

After watching the show, I remembered I had purchased a vintage E.T. coin bank a few months earlier.  I was rummage shopping with my mom and came across this and HAD TO HAVE IT! Due to it’s condition, I knew it had to be authentic –  not newly reproduced for the anticipated re-release. The price?  A whopping $2.99 + tax.  Sold!  By the way, I checked Ebay to see what it was going for….$25.00 –  not a bad investment. So after the show, we got him out of our storage room and placed him in our niche area.  The boys loved him there. Along with our other Halloween decorations, E.T. settled nicely in our home.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Craft

We love the book, ‘The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ by Joe Troiano.  The boys also like watching the movie.  So when big brother was at school, our youngest son and I had fun with a ‘Spookley’ craft.  With blue construction paper as our background, we cut green construction paper and glued it onto the blue paper for the grass.  A circle cutter helped to make our pumpkins in orange paper, and then the square cutter was used to make the star of the show, Spookley.  To finish it off after gluing our pumpkins on the paper, our son made stems for all the pumpkins with a brown crayon.  Easy and fun = happy kid and mom!


Yummy Severed Finger Cookies

I found a ‘severed finger cookie’ recipe in a October 2011 issue of  ’Every Day With Rachel Ray’ magazine.  It looked like a lot of fun, so we tried it the night before Halloween.  The boys enjoyed making and baking something new.  The fact that it was gross looking appealed to them as well!

It’s basically sugar cookie mix for the fingers, sliced almonds (we chose unsalted slices) for the fingernails, and strawberry jam (recipe called for raspberry jam but we had strawberry on hand and that worked for us) for the blood.


Halloween Day!

Spikey hair for school!  He was so excited to show his teacher and classmates.


Chocolate Ghost Muffins

The muffins were made from a simple box muffin mix but got a new look when I used my cake pan of mini ghosts.  Who says all ghosts need to be white anyway? The boys typically do not get anything chocolate at mealtime, but it was a special day and was accompanied with strawberries which always go really well with it….that’s my reasoning at least!


Halloween Hoopla!

I made mini monster candy bags for the neighborhood kids and a few of the boys’ friends. The little orange bags and eye balls were purchased at The Dollar Tree.  After gluing the eyeballs in place, a  freaky smile was made with a permanent black marker.

We brought out the Monsters Inc. prop for our front porch! I had created the prop last year for a few events. Sulley and Mike did a nice job greeting our visitors.

Getting excited with the neighborhood kids!

Getting more excited…

..and then ending the evening with gal pal, Wonder Woman!


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