Fun with Felt on a Snow Day!

*I typically post once a month, but we had many fun things to share!

Fun With Felt = Happy Snow Day!

I needed a quick and easy activity to occupy the boys yesterday due to school being cancelled.  So, I got out all of my felt fabrics and quickly (actually madly) started cutting out pieces to make silly faces.  We all had a great time!  I did have a really large piece of felt fabric (about 3 yards) that I placed on our dining room table first.  This served as our background.  I then cut out pieces for eyeballs, hair, mouth, noses, faces – no need to be perfect – I actually preferred the pieces were not. We then mixed and matched all sorts of shapes.  Fun stuff and it soaked up some time!!!!

We actually started this activity right before the snow storm hit….

Very imperfect shapes – it made the cutting go faster and I love the look!

I’m sort of a fabric junkie, so my husband would be pleased to know I used some of my stash!


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