For St. Patrick’s Day…Easy Handmade Rainbow Colored Watercolor Tags + Gift


On a recent craft shopping trip, I found a box of 50 small wedding favor vellum containers in the color of light green for a whopping $5.00!  SUCCESS!!! The box was on clearance from the original price of $19.00.  I thought these containers would be perfect St. Patrick’s Day gifts from our boys to their classmates and friends.  What to put inside?  We chose to go with holiday themed stickers and plastic gold and green coins.

After these purchases, I wanted something with rainbow colors to accent the tag which reads, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” – something that would make the outside of the box interesting and colorful…and also be inexpensive since we have many ‘little leprechauns’ to think about.  So here is what we did to make our handmade rainbow colored watercolor tags for St. Pat’s Day



Cardstock paper (I had creme color paper on hand so we went with that!)  *This paper is a little heavier than regular papers (nice for watercolors) and can still easily go through a puncher.  Also, watercolor paper would be a good choice but limited to white paper

watercolors – in rainbow hues

Small paint brush

Small cup of water

drinking straw

Wraphia ribbon in green color (+ scissors for cutting!)

glue stick

2″ diameter circle hole puncher


008 - Copy




After I dipped my paint brush in each paint and water, I placed each color along the sides of the cardstock paper (generously using water to make a decent drop of paint) and then used the straw to blow the paint around the page.  I really like this activity because you don’t know for sure where the paint is going to go on the page – I guess I like the ‘color mystery’ of it!  I must say, I used a little more green than the other colors to honor the St. Patty’s themed color.  After the paint had dried (the paper soaks the watercolor quickly!), I ran the paper through the printer as I had my “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” labels saved on a computer document.  The next step was using the circle puncher to cut out each tag – it’s fun to see what tags have which colors and where!





After the tags were cut, I tied the wraphia ribbon to the vellum containers and used a glue stick to adhere the tags (I just glued the bottom of the tag – it made the top stand out more and I preferred it that way).  I like using wraphia ribbon – the texture is fun and easy to tweak a desired shape.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


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