Early Halloween Fun/Trains

…above photo shows two happy boys with the easiest way to decorate a pumpkin – buy accessories instead of carving.  Mom likes the no mess process!

A Haunted House in Our House!

Our niche area has once again been transformed.  Now that Halloween is drawing near, we have had fun sprucing it up.  This was a family team effort too.  After I sketched the haunted house onto particle board, my husband cut it out for me.  I then had a fantastic time painting it.  I wanted the house to be uneven and weird so little curious minds would wonder about it.  Overall, I wanted the color tone to be simple so it wouldn’t take away from the entire scene (plus, that made it easier and faster to complete!  :)

The white vase was purchased at a second hand store, tree branches were from our back yard, and the plastic pumpkin we’ve had for several years and was no more than $1.00 – and if I ever devote time to replacing the batteries, the pumpkin does light up.  I bought discounted black fabric which had a white dotted pattern to drape around the base. Behind the fabric is orange lights that make a cool up wash affect (‘Halloween glow’) at night.

As for the bats, this is where the family teamwork gets finalized.  Right before I called the boys to help, I needed bat templates so I sketched out the bats onto paper as how I wanted them to look (if someone does not want to attempt this, it’s super easy to google and find bat pictures/drawings, print them out, and make them the size you want with the help of a copy machine).  After cutting my bat templates out, I traced them onto black poster board  - cutting them out as well.  The boys then had fun decorating the bats with black glitter glue. After placing a few pieces of tape on the back of them, they were ready to be in the spooky scene.


All Aboard!

The small town of Goehner, Nebraska recently celebrated 125 years, and we took the boys for an afternoon of fun and to learn more about this little place.  Speaking of little, the town is getting some attention for the one-inch scale live steam railroad called the Chippewa Northwestern Railway Co.  It operates on a six acres from May to October. October 5th-7th, 2012 is the Fall Steam Rush weekend event.  There is no charge for riding the trains, but a freewill donation is always appreciated.  More information can be found online at:  www.the-chippewa.org.


We also visited the town’s one room school house museum.  All three of my boys were sitting so well in class!  While there, I kept thinking of all the kids who attended this school and what the atmosphere was like to have different age groups learning in one room. Amazing.

Our boys got to ring the school bell (our youngest is shown below doing this very important task).







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