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Custom Designed Book Bags

Like most families, our summer has been ultra busy.  Baseball, swimming, play dates, BBQs, camps, vacations, etc.  - it all takes time and devotion.  I’ve made it a goal that even though we have all of these great things going on, the boys still can squeeze in enough time for summer reading programs.  Our oldest son is now reading on his own, and that’s been fun to see him continue his skills through the summer months.  I also like it when I read to both of them – they are so quiet and attentive (please note: this does not happen that often, so I’m loving these moments!!!).

This year, we are a part of the summer reading programs at two libraries.  So, we have books, books, and books (So far, no overdue fines either. I am continuing to keep my fingers crossed!).  With all of these to carry to and from each library visit, I thought the boys would like to have their very own custom book bags.  Here’s how the bags were made:



Canvas fabric bags  - (our bags came 3 in a package and can be found at many craft sections/stores)

Fabric Marker or Sharpie

Foam core board

Alphabet stamp letters

Ink pad

Exacto knife

The first step was I washed and air dried the bags  - in order to avoid shrinking!  (*With air drying, I did have to iron the bags to eliminate the wrinkles.  Ironing is not my favorite household chore to do, but it was needed for this project.)

Next, I cut the foam core board in several different sizes with an exacto knife.  These pieces were essentially used as stencils.  Since the pieces were going to look like a side profile of books, I played around with how I wanted to arrange the pieces on each bag. Once I got the look I was after, I outlined each one with a black fabric marker (but mine was starting to run low on ink, so I then used a sharpie  marker).  *Keep in mind, it might be a wise decision to insert a thick piece of paper or cardboard into the bag to avoid having the ink bleed through the canvas fabric.

The next step was to take alphabet stamp letters that spelled “BOOKS”  - using an ink pad in the color of red.  *After applying the stamp in the ink pad, be sure to wipe extra ink off the stamp (around the edges) in order to keep the ink only on the letters.

Wha-la!  Our book bags were done, and we get to use them not just in the summer months but year round! SUCCESS!!!



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Big brother sporting his book bag….


with little bro showing off his book bag too!


The bag being put to good use!



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