Delicious Halloween Bats, Anyone?

Bat treats - Copy



So I had this idea of making a Halloween treat for the boys and they happen to LOVE bats!  It was a quick and easy project to do and get the boys excited for Halloween with their favorite character!

Here’s what I did:



Chocolate Candy Melts

lollipop stick

Sparkle Gel ( I used orange and red)

Oreo (cut in half and then trimmed)

Chocolate frosting

Wax paper


First, melt the candy melts in the microwave and once it cools just a little afterwards, cover the marshmallows and place onto wax paper.  I then placed them in the refrigerator to really speed up the cooling process. Once the marshmallows were cool, I positioned my half cut and trimmed oreo (which I cut while the marshmallows were cooling) on the sides of the marshmallow.  A little chocolate frosting helped to keep the oreo pieces in place.  Then, I placed the stick in the marshmallow – also with the help of chocolate frosting.  The last step was decorating the face with Sparkle gel – orange for the eyes and red for the mouth. Success!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!  :)






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