Counting Our Blessings…


Finally Family Photos!

We recently took time to get family photos. For the past few years, we’ve done casual photos at birthday parties/social gatherings because we’ve dreaded going to a photography studio with the boys – their patience and attention span can only handle so much.

So, we looked at all of our options and came up with one that worked for us.  Our super awesome neighbor takes amazing photos, and she was so great to come up quickly and take some great shots on our property.  We caught the boys in a great mood and my husband loved the quickness of it all – it took about 35 minutes!

This will be on our Christmas cards!

A happy family conversation – this is one of my favorites!

I wonder what secret big bro is telling little bro!

Here’s Dad picking up Mom which was a complete surprise to her…

…which led to a great photo of the boys with complete natural smiles!


Time to Paint…ACORNS!

We’ve been blessed with nice weather this fall and have been outside as much as possible.  Recently the boys wanted to paint, so I thought it might be fun to color something new and different.  The boys love collecting things from nature walks and recently obtained many acorns.  To be different, we painted them in BRIGHT colors!  Here’s some photos…

The boys seemed so focused doing this project!

We now need to let the acorns dry….

…and the finished product looked like this….


Thanksgiving Decorating 

Time continues to fly by, and the month of November was no exception.  So for Thanksgiving/fall decorating, I was looking to embellish our home in a really quick and simple way.

From our Halloween decorations, I took the same white vase/container which had tree branches and just moved it over in the center of our niche area.  I then found a small plaid blanket that had great fall colors and spruced it up with a strand of artificial fall leaves.  I then placed them below and around the vase.

On the branches, I made two ‘ornaments’ which were school photos of our boys in plastic frames.  *Their school photo packages included tiny photos – not exactly my favorite size since they are so small, but they came in handy for this project! I bought inexpensive, plastic photo frames (that have a built in base) that were the closest size to the photos and turned them upside down for the frames to balance on the attached wire.

For the wire, I cut and curved the pieces around the photo frames and tree branches.  I didn’t make it perfect since I wanted to achieve a curvy/organic look.   Also, I had some light brown copy paper that helped to fill the space around each photo.

I liked the fact it didn’t involve a lot of time and was fun to do.  When it was completed, the boys liked seeing their photos displayed in a different way, and I told them they are the most special blessings Mom and Dad could ever have.

Items used:

*  Photos of our handsome, wonderful, funny, happy, smart boys! (spoken from a mom!)

*  Small, plastic photo frames (that have a built in base) – I found these at Dollar General

*  Very thin wire –  found at any hardware store or certain discount stores

*  Tree branches

*  Vase for the branches

*  Fall colored blanket or fabric

*  A strand of artificial fall leaves

*  Brown copy paper (for the photo frames)



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