Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

* My March posts will most likely be with the new design layout!  Exciting stuff just around the corner!!!

The boys in Seuss Land at Island of Adventure Orlando, FL - Dec. 2012


We have our own Cat in the Hat in our house! - Feb. 2013

The Fun is Lots and Lots with Dr. Seuss Flower Pots! (that’s the best rhyming I could do…)

March 2nd is a very special day in our family.  Not only is it our eleven year wedding anniversary, but it also marks Dr. Seuss’ birthday. As far as our five 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old boys are concerned, the Cat in the Hat trumps our anniversary every year! I must admit too, I LOVE all things Seuss! Not as much as I love my husband though (Happy Anniversary, Honey!)

Last weekend, I was strolling through Michael’s Craft Store brainstorming for a Dr. Seuss craft to have for the boys and came across terracotta pots, and I thought of an idea of flower pots resembling Dr. Seuss hats.  The pots are inexpensive and so useful – we’ll be planting flowers in them in the next few months.


terracotta pot ($1.29 ea. at Michael’s)

terracotta pot base (.79 cents ea. at Michael’s)

White acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint

Painting tape

Paint brush (we used foam brushes)

There was some prep work before the painting began. Hours before this activity, I taped off the lines for the first color so the boys were not anxiously waiting on me to finish taping. Overall, this was a two day activity for us.  The boys painted the white stripes first, and then to ensure the paint was completely dried, the red stripes came the next evening after we taped again.  With the ages of our boys, I thought they did a great job!

One goofball in the background….He’s excited to start painting!

The boys were all into concentrating on their activity!

We couldn’t forget to paint the bases!

Half done!

Painting very, very carefully……

A little messy!!!  Many, many paper towels on hand!

All done and the pots now need flowers!  We haven’t really been successful with caring for plants and flowers….cross your fingers and wish us luck!

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