Baseball Game/ Book Picnic/School Begins/School Supply Inventory

Still Reaping the Reading Rewards….

From the local library reading program, the boys received free tickets to a minor league baseball game.  The first person we saw when walking in was Ronald McDonald (who they called “Old MacDonald”).  They also got to participate in a pre-game parade in which we walked along the outer edges of the field.  It was an enjoyable, inexpensive time – all resulting from a great program to participate in.

A Different Twist: A Book Picnic

We did something a little different than the typical picnic in early August.  After stopping at the local library, I put the books in a picnic basket and headed to the park with the boys.  Sure, we also had lunch, drinks, and a blanket, but the boys liked our ordinary picnic being turned into a unique event.  I also liked that I had their attention for more than three minutes!  After many books were read and we had lunch, the boys played on the playground. Synopsis of our trip:  fun and easy.

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Change is a funny thing.  You can wish for it so much, even crave it, but when it’s about to happen, you dig your heels in the ground and want things to remain as they are.  That’s the feeling I had recently when our oldest son started kindergarten and our youngest son began preschool.

There was such excitement those mornings but when the time came to leave each child at their school, my heart dropped and eyes filled up.  How could this be?  I had given birth them sixty-two and forty months ago. Where did all this time go?

Now we are in the second week of school, emotions have settled and everyone is getting more accustomed to our new routine.  Change has officially been accepted…and I don’t know if I should thank Rod Stewart for his beautiful song, “Forever Young” or request he pay me for all the kleenex boxes I went through when I heard it the weeks beforehand…


Stocking up on School Supplies

I’ve said before I like a good deal, and school supply deals are no exception.  I saw an advertisement of 24 ct. Crayola crayons for .28 cents/box.  This was on our kindergartener’s list, and I bought extra boxes for events in school such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day for both boys’ classes.  These will make great practical little gifts for giving away to their peers.  I envision the boxes with a cute note and ribbon attached to them…

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