An ‘Out of This World’ Valentine

vday 2014

I love homemade valentines.  Let me rephrase this: I love easy, inexpensive homemade valentines.  This year, I thought it would be fun for the boys to make space themed valentines – and ones that did not include food or sugary treats for those kiddos with food allergies…and to avoid being just plain hyper!

So, here’s what we came up with:


Small bouncy balls (we bought ours online from Oriental Trading Company)

Black foam core (from any craft or discount store)

Exacto knife (for adults!)

Silver glitter glue

Silver sharpie pen

Decorative paper (we chose red)

Labels for the decorative paper (included in this blog post!)

Decorative scissors

Glue stick

Silver colored pencil

I first did some prep work before I had the boys help with the valentines. I never let the boys work with the knife, so I cut the black foam core with an exacto knife and made each of our valentines 4″ x 6″ in size.  Then, I cut two holes for the bouncy balls (a.k.a. planets) and made the holes a tad smaller than the balls.  This made for a snug fit when I positioned each ball in the correct place.


Next, the boys could work with the silver glitter glue  - making a circle shape.  We then let that dry.


The next step was to make the ‘stars’.  The boys really enjoyed making these with the help of the silver sharpie pen.



Some valentines have lots and lots of stars!


Next, I had cut the labels out with a pair of decorative scissors.  The boys then helped me glue the labels in place.

Here’s the pdf. link for printing the labels:

valentines day 2014


After the glitter glue dried, we used the silver sharpie pen to make a ring around it – making it look like a ‘glitzy’ planet.


It was important for the boys to let their friends know who it came from, so the last task was to write their names at the bottom of each valentine. In my ‘Mom’ mentality, I’m secretly thinking this is practice for great penmanship!  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell them that!


Happy Valentine’s Day!






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