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Who Says Snowflakes have to be all White?

snowflakess - Copy

Our recent kids craft was a winter scene – full of snowflakes!  I initially thought the glitter glue color we used would only be white, but the boys wanted to use a variety of colors.  That’s the great thing about art – each artist sees it differently.  I love our boys’  imaginations!

So here’s what we did:


Wood Canvases- (we used size: 6″ x 6″)

Wooden circles – various sizes

Acrylic paint – blue, white, green

Glitter paints – various colors

Paint brushes – a variety of sizes

Tacky glue (or Elmer’s Glue)

Paper towels – for cleaning

Paper plates – for paints


First step: Paint the background blue.



After the blue paint dries, the next step was painting the white snow…



Then, it was time to make our teeny tiny evergreen tree!


After painting various sizes of the wooden circl...

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