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Festive Fourth of July Napkin Rings – A Kids Creation

fourth of july 2013

Festive Fourth of July Napkin Rings

I love when a kids craft is fun, easy, and PRACTICAL.  All the crafts our boys create I truly adore no matter what, but if I can use it over and over again, I’m thrilled!  Recently, the boys and I were getting excited for upcoming Fourth of July festivities and had fun painting napkin rings in the colors of red, white, and blue.  Fun splashes of these colors on the rings can really help to bring out more of a patriotic feel to a table setting.  It was also a nice summer activity that did not take a lot of time to put together and finish.

Here’s what we did….


Napkin rings  - we chose woven ones due to the texture –  and paint would absorb well to it!

Acrylic paints – red, white, and blue

Paint brushes


At a second hand store, I found bra...

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Happy Father’s Day!

Fungi Fun!

Father's Day1

I’ve seen this idea on pinterest and had to try it with the boys!  ”Dad, You’re a Fungi!” was a title the boys thought was really funny.  Here’s what we did:


Crayola Model Magic – 2 pkgs in orange and lime green colors

Clear, slender containers  - (we used new plastic travel bottles)

Yogurt covered raisins

Dark chocolate covered dried plums

We had fun molding the model magic in the shape of a mushroom top.  Then, we accented the top (background color) with little, flat circles of the other color. (The model magic says it will harden – ours are still on the soft side after a few days, so it might take awhile?!?  Dad will love it regardless)!  Last step was to fill with our snack mixtures...

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Mad Scientist Birthday Party



The dictionary describes the word, quirky, as “something that is strange/not normal but cool”.  This is exactly the word I would use to describe our son’s Mad Scientist 6th Birthday Party.  I loved mixing funky wire, weird decorations, and modern/vintage industrial items together.  The color scheme was:  lime green, gray, electric blue, orange – with a hint of purple (on invitations/thank you cards) and accented with black & white polka dot fabric.  I also wanted to emphasize circular shapes to give it a look of ‘lab potion bubbles’.

I tried to keep all decorating elements simple, fun, not-to-scary or gross, and modern...

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