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Mad Scientist Party Preparations!

mad scientist photos

We’ve been MADLY busy getting ready for our oldest son’s MAD SCIENTIST birthday bash!  Such a crazy, fun time!  I love birthdays! Check back the week of June 3rd as I will be posting birthday photos!   :)



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Mother’s Day Tribute in Chevron Style!

Mother’s Day Chevron Coloring Page for Kids

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To chevron or not to chevron.  That is the question!  If Shakespeare were alive today, would he also feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon for this widely popular pattern? So many are flocking to get more chevron in their lives including myself.  When I go onto pinterest, it’s inevitable that I’m going to find it in many photos – and I get an excitement when I do!  Zig zagging in many different color combinations…it’s so fun!  So much energy!  So, when I was thinking of creating a great kids activity honoring Mother’s Day, coloring pages with this pattern came to mind. I know I LOVED  seeing our boys have fun adding color to these pages – and I was super excited to display their work!  


Here’s a link to download the coloring page:

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