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Happy Easter! Root Vue Farms, Easter Container, Homemade Rabbit Stencil Craft


Good times playing with army men today as one solider is guarding a plastic Easter egg…..

Root Vue Farm 

The boys received a Root Vue Farm kit this past Christmas, and we were waiting for the right time to play with it which happened to be two weeks ago.  Root Vue is an indoor garden laboratory for kids to discover how plants grow.  Now that the Easter holiday is approaching and it’s officially spring season (although it is cold and snowy), it seems fitting to have something to show how things blossom and grow!   We have been excited to watch our carrots and radish seeds sprout (we left the onions for next time).  The plants are still growing, so we will continue to be patient and wait for more to see!



Putting it together!  Not so bad of a process…just following direction...

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For St. Patrick’s Day…Easy Handmade Rainbow Colored Watercolor Tags + Gift


On a recent craft shopping trip, I found a box of 50 small wedding favor vellum containers in the color of light green for a whopping $5.00!  SUCCESS!!! The box was on clearance from the original price of $19.00.  I thought these containers would be perfect St. Patrick’s Day gifts from our boys to their classmates and friends.  What to put inside?  We chose to go with holiday themed stickers and plastic gold and green coins.

After these purchases, I wanted something with rainbow colors to accent the tag which reads, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” – something that would make the outside of the box interesting and colorful…and also be inexpensive since we have many ‘little leprechauns’ to think about.  So here is what we did to make our handmade rainbow colored watercolor tags for St...

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Father and Son’s Haiti Mission Trip

 In previous posts, I’ve mentioned covering future stories about raising boys creatively in addition to such topics as crafts, trips, and birthday parties.  In this post,  I’m very happy to include the following about a father and son traveling for the first time out of the country on a mission trip to Haiti.

Mike and Benjamyn Rickaby will be traveling to Haiti May 6th-15th with 16 other members of their group.  They will serve the House of Hope, and Mike describes it as a ministry dedicated to spreading God’s love and grace by providing food, shelter, clothing, and both Christian and secular education to the children of Haiti.

I put together a question and answer format for Mike as he gives insight about their trip.

With your upcoming mission trip, what is you and your son’s spiritu...

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