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Healthy Holiday Snacks / Gift Ideas / Christmas Book Display

Healthy Snacks in December?  You Bet!

It’s tough to dodge all of those great sweet treats around the holiday season, and in our family, we do indulge here and there. Our effort though still remains to have our boys get plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I recently bought mini whole wheat pitas from Trader Joe’s and filled them with fresh, cut strawberries and green grapes  (I was trying to get Christmas colors in the mix) with a drizzle of honey inside.  The boys liked trying something new, and it was a filling snack!

Nature’s SWEET Christmas Gifts

For the past few years, we’ve been giving away pineapples at Christmas time to family and friends.  Now, initially that may sound a little silly to do, but I have made it into craft time with the boys...

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