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Little Prairie Picassos

This past week, the boys were squabbling with each other.  “Mom, he took my toy”, “Mom, he kicked me”, “Mom, get him out of my room.”  Ah! It’s so frustrating to always be a referee.  On that day, we needed a calming activity that all of us would enjoy, and we needed it fast.  So I brought our art easel outside for the kiddos to make collage paintings. Since the fighting had begun before 8:30am, mid morning was still a nice time to get outside before the hot sun would put a halt to our outdoor prairie painting fun.  For a basic way of explaining what a collage is to a five and three year old, I took pieces of paper and taped them in different directions.  I told the boys they could paint whatever they wanted to with their watercolors...

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Monsterous Birthday

Monster Birthday Party

Let’s talk about cardboard and paper.  I have a huge love for these materials and my first choices for this birthday party creation.  It might sound weird I know.  There is truly an excitement when I get various pieces of nicely cut cardboard from many things bought from stores – big photos from photo centers, snack packages, etc.  I also love cardboard tubing.  Why do I like it so much?  Because I know I can use it to make art projects with the boys and it’s usually free. Maybe it stems from the good old college days in interior design studio class when we were all creating working models  – some were made out of old pizza boxes – oh the memories.

So moving forward in time from my college years to now, the thoughts of quirky and fun came to my min...

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