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Country Style Counting / Family Wall Art

This past week was one we’ll remember for some time. Our oldest son injured his arm from falling off a slide at a local park on the last day of preschool.  It was certainly a stressful time. We are so thankful it was just his arm.  Like the old saying goes, ‘when given lemons, make lemonade!’ Even though  lemonade is not my favorite drink (way too much sugar, but that’s another story), we’ll try to make the best batch ever.  That’s how we choose to roll.

This blog is about boys and creative adventures they can have...

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Welcome to Construction Party

Boys + creativity.   They are two extraordinary words and the idea behind this blog, My husband and I have two boys who are blessings and highlights of our lives.  However, they are super active kids and need to exert a lot of energy. I’m a stay at home mom who wants to explore new experiences for my boys that are fun and educational.  I have a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Kansas State University and also held positions in marketing/event planning in the workforce prior to having kids.  With this experience, I have an interest in all aspects of art, space planning/design, and party planning.  I want this blog to also be a website for birthday party ideas, bedroom and playroom design for boys, and especially crafts.

The boys and I like t...

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